Meeting Rooms

Western Corporate Meeting Facilities

eagle featherEagle Feather boardroomRafter Six Ranch Resort has proven to be effective and successful for small meetings, seminars, and retreats. The location, services and limited distractions (no phones or tv's in the rooms!) have given Rafter Six Ranch Resort a prominent name for business meeting requirements. The relaxed, casual atmosphere encourages openness and interaction during meetings and recreational activities. The flexibility of our facilities and services allows us to cater and adjust to the needs of your group.

The Peace Pipe Meeting Room is the most popular location for meetings of up to 30 people. Natural lighting and a combination of formal and casual seating allow for a good exchange of ideas.


peacepipePeace Pipe Meeting RoomThe Eagle Feather Boardroom is well suited to groups of up to 14 people. Located on the second floor of the lodge, the natural lighting and attached balcony provide a stunning mountain view.

For larger groups of up to 175 people or those requiring more space, the SunDance Hall is ideal. High speed wireless internet is available throughout the meeting locations.