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Rafter Six Ranch has a World Wide Reputation for quality horses. From beginner to advanced, child to adult, whatever you are looking for, we probably have a perfect match for you! Our honesty and integrity to buyers goes a long way. Please contact Kateri Cowley via email or call 1-403-673-3622 to inquire about any horses for sale.



Born 2009
Blue Roan
Canadian X Quarter Horse

Captain is often picked as first choice in the best looking category. His steel grey coloring and big bold eye helps with the votes! He is started under saddle, been rode, and has had a lot of ground work done. He has amazing feet and a strong bone structure. He has a big future with someone who would like a more exciting trail riding adventure.

Born 2007
Canadian X Quarter Horse cross

Born and raised at Rafter Six Ranch, Mozart is a fun spirited and flashy, sound gelding. He is used for guiding trail rides through the Rocky Mountains for the last 2 summers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, crossing raging rivers, climbing mountain sides, encountering wildlife. He has countless hours and experience in the saddle! His natural agility makes him a great prospect for some competitive work as well. His feet and bone structure is strong and sturdy for the Rocky Mountains, yet still athletic enough to maneuver quickly. He is responsive even when rode bareback in a halter. He also rode in the 2014 Calgary Stampede Parade.

*Recently won the races at Strathmore Palio

Born 2013
Quarter Horse X Canadian
Stud Colt


This yearling is conformationaly attractive and high spirited. He would excel with an owner that would like to raise and train a colt.


arwen and cowboy

Born: 2003 (10 Years)
Breed: Canadian / Quarter Horse
Gender: Mare
Rider Experience: Confident Beginner, Intermediate
Price: $4,000

Arwen was born and raised here at Rafter Six Ranch of our Canadian Stallion and a sorrel Quarter Horse trail mare. She is a wonderful little mare. She has great straight legs and feet, not too tall (about 14.3hh) she is quiet and polite, has had all the trail riding experience (river crossings, mountain sides, difficult rocky terrain – sure footed) but can still go out on her own and do chores (collect hay strings, round up the herd etc.) We have done pack trips with her, bus raids (we hide in the bush then "rob" the tour bus of their candies as it comes in to the ranch-our kind of western welcome!) She has had the experience of being a guest horse for 3 seasons now. She has a soft mouth and works well with leg aids!

She has never been lame or sick or had any issues or vices. She trailers fine too and receives routine vaccinations/deworming/farrier work. She is used to herd dynamics and is not rude or pushy or display typical ‘mare’ behavior – being in our herd of 76 horses with geldings, mares, foals, seniors, miniatures, and a donkey. She’s been around lots of dogs, tame wolves, a buffalo, wildlife of all sorts, and thousands of people!

SkyBug and Grizzly

SkyBug Driftwood (SOLD)
Born: 2000 (13 years)
Breed: Registered Tobiano Paint
Gender: Gelding
Rider Experience: Intermediate
Price: $2,400

Skybug is a brave, quiet horse. He has been face to face with a LIVE trained bear (as shown in the photo) and has been worked on various training obstacles (like bridges, poles etc.) He's had arena training as well as trail riding. His walk is a nice slow pace, and his gaits are comfortable, he responds well to leg aids, has nice tight turns and will side pass, do gates etc. Perhaps a good candiate for the Cowboy Challenge!

He is a fun mount, however his ground manners aren’t always on best behavior. He is very smart and will sometimes try to intimidate the rider before they mount by pulling back. This is his only attitude vice. But with a simple quick lesson, he gets over it quickly and allows you to mount. Once you’ve established yourself as boss, he will do anything for you. He has scaled up mountain sides, and crossed raging rivers, and been rode in the Calgary Stampede Parade. He is a recovered foundered horse, so he does need a little more attention in his health care, but it is manageable, and he is worth it. As the great trainer Guy McLean said "If the horse won't fight with you, He won't fight FOR you."

rafter6-brandCorona Stride

Name: Corona
Born: 2006 (7 years)
Breed: Canadian/Quarter Horse
Colour: bay with small star
Experience: Intermediate / Advanced

Corona has been an absolute pleasure to train. She is smart and playful, kind, has good manners and has looks to kill! She is as stunning under saddle as she is without. She stands about 15.1hh with great conformation. She is still fairly young, so will need a bit of time to get used to her new rider, but before long she will become your matched set. She has been rode along the trails as a guide horse of bow valley every summer since she was 4 years and by three different people.

She opens and closes gates, walks out nicely (you don’t have to push her for forward motion) and is getting the hang of neck reining, although she was trained on directional rein. She also responds to leg pressure very nicely. She crosses rivers, creeks, puddles, and works hard and can continue working the next day, or you can leave her a couple days and not worry that her training has come unglued. She is calm, but can get motivated if asked.

Corona was born, raised and trained here at Rafter Six, so we have the benefit of knowing her entire history! No past illnesses (more than a common cold), no past injuries, always receives routine vaccinations/deworming/farrier work (shoes) She also will trailer load fine. rafter6-brand


Name: Merlin
Born: 1997 (turning 16 years)
Experience level: Beginner, Children, small Adult

He is one of our best trail horses here at Rafter Six Ranch . He is born in 1997 (turning 16 years this year).. He has been a wonderful horse for trail rides for beginners and even children. He has been rode in all the varied terrain that the Bow Valley/ Kananaskis has to offer; mountain sides, raging rivers, wildlife encounters, bog, swimming in lakes, anything you could imagine! He has great feet, receives routine vaccinations, deworming, farrier health care etc.

He is a lot of fun to ride, and a go to for riders that are not as confident because he always looks after them. As you can see in the photos, he has also been used to herd (round up) horses, you can rope and crack a whip off his back, get up and go somewhere or just have a nice pleasurable walk. He is very responsive and fun to ride! He opens/closes gates no problem and has no vices. We often use him for riding lessons for very beginner riders, as he would help them to advance by the way he doesn’t take advantage of inexperience.

He also hauls in a trailer no problem, so if you wanted to take him on trips that would be fine too! He has been suited up head to toe with decorative bead work and rode in the Calgary Stampede Parade on several occasions.
He has a great personality, gets along with other horses and all humans. He loves affection, to be brushed and loved. He has freckles on his face which add to his character!


Name: Oreo
Born: 2002 (11 years)
Experience level: Intermediate

Oreo has gorgeous colouring and markings, excellent conformation, has never been lame or sick since we have owned her (we bought her when she was 5 years old and she came with a newborn colt, so she is also a proven brood mare.)

To ride, she is smooth at all gaits, especially trot! She is responsive and correct. She has amazing speed, but can also slow down when you want her to.
Oreo has worked mostly on trails – crossing rivers no problem, up mountains, encountering wildlife – which has made her sure footed and a good worker.

She stands about 14.2 hh, she receives routine vaccinations/ deworming/ farrier work and her feet are in great and strong condition. She is an easy keeper (no extra feed needed). She is also used to herd dynamics but can go out on her own. She also trailer loads easily.


Name: Sondance
Born: 2006 (turning 7 years)
Pure bred registered Canadian gelding
Experience: Confident Beginner; Children, Adult

Sondance is a very cute and affectionate horse. He is approx. 14.1hh but has BIG personality! He is an easy keeper for those hard winter months, has amazingly strong bones, legs, and feet typical to the Canadian breed and perfect for difficult/demanding terrain.

He is smooth with all gates. He is currently working as a guest horse on the trails of bow valley/kananaskis where there is a variety of terrain and wildlife. He is gentle and loves to be cuddled and loved. Young children have rode him for pony rides and young teens ride him as well, but he is strong and sturdy enough for larger riders that may have a hard time mounting taller horses. With all his amazing experiences at just 7 years old, his age is perfect if you are looking for a long time buddy!

He was born here at the ranch, has never been lame or sick other than a common cold. He receives routine vaccinations/deworming/farrier, ties, trailers easily, and has gone on overnight pack trips.


Name: Callebeau
Born: 1998 (turning 15 years)
Breed: Canadian / Ranch Quarter Horse
Experience: Beginner rider, large children

Callebeau is a gentle giant. He is a go to for riders that are nervous, shy, or inexperienced. He is a perfect gentleman in the fact that he is calm, quiet, responsive and careful. He has a large build and strong structure. He works as a trail horse in the rocky mountains (bow valley/kananaskis area to be specific.) He is used to wildlife, steep terrain, river crossings, bog, everything that this valley has to offer.

He receives routine vaccinations, deworming, farrier etc. He trailers well and is ready to ride. He has been on countless overnight packtrips, several parades (including Calgary Stampede Parade). He has also been drove in a team. Callebeau is an over all, all around great horse.

He is quiet, polite, gentle, and patient. Very good manners! Not aggressive and has no vices. He loads and trailers fine.


Name: Sunday
Born: 2003 (10 years)
Breed: Canadian / Thoroughbred mix
Experience: intermediate

Sunday is a confident horse, she steps out beautifully and loves to be rode! She is the horse that wants to be at the front of the ride to lead the others. She will get you through difficult terrain, mud, bog, raging rivers, crossing wildlife, everything the Bow Valley has to offer, even herding other horses! She has no buck.

She is working as a trail horse at Rafter Six Ranch, where she was born and raised. She receives routine vaccinations, deworming, farrier work, trailers well, and has never been sick or had any conditions or lameness.

She is tall (about 16hh) has a very strong and sturdy build, and great feet! She is the horse that can work all day long and go again tomorrow! She has been on many overnight pack trips.

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