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Welcome to The Cowley's "New" Rafter Six®! "Intimate & Interactive Riding Experience"! The Trail Riding Specialists of the Canadian Rockies!


Summer is here and we're having a banner year here at Cowley's Rafter Six® Ranch! We're looking forward to welcome Y'all back to Come & Ride With Us for some spectacular Summer Horseback Riding in the Canadian Rockies!
Come and enjoy an hour or two, an hour & a half, half-day or all day Horseback Riding with us and experience the fresh mountain air amidst Mother Nature's beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains!
Cowley's Rafter Six® Ranch ~ The Trail Riding Specialists of the Canadian Rockies!
Call 403-673-3622 to make your reservation today &..... Happy Trails!
Open Daily from Friday April 28, 2017 until the end of October 2017!


Cowboy Logic: "There's nothing better for the inside of a Man than the outside of a Horse!








~ July 6th, 2015 ~

Congratulations to David Cowley ~ The  2015 Cowboy Up Challenge Reserve Champion at The Calgary Stampede ~ The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth!

david cowley reserve champion cowboy up calgary stampede 2015-01


david cowley reserve champion cowboy up calgary stampede 2015-04
Reserve Champion – David Cowley, Exshaw Alberta (Tucker)

david cowley reserve champion cowboy up calgary stampede 2015-02

Photos by Lynn Burkholder © 2015


~ For Immediate Release ~

Calgary – Extreme cowboy racing has a full list of tough comptetitors including sibling rivals David Cowley and his sister Kateri Cowley the 2014 Cowboy Up Challenge Champion.

david cowley reserve champion cowboy up calgary stampede 2015-03

David Cowley's smooth ride Monday on his 6 year old palomino gelding "Tucker" earned him the nickname "Mr. Silk" from Craig Cameron the founder and host of the Extreme Cowboy Associations sanctioned event at the Calgary Stampede's Cowboy Up Challenge, made it evident that David is a top challenger for this fastest growing sport when he won the Reserve Champion Title in the Cowboy Up Challenge over a field of top riding talent including Runt Rageth, Lee Hart, Jim Anderson and the ever graceful Kateri Cowley.

David came to win a buckle and the money prize and did that, just as he had done at the World Finals in Hamilton, Texas last October where he also won a buckle for the "Go Round 1 & 2 Pro", proving he was a serious contender and challenger to the defending title holders.

david cowley reserve champion cowboy up calgary stampede 2015-05



~ July 7th, 2014 ~

Congratulations to Kateri Cowley ~ The  2014 Cowboy Up Challenge Champion at The Calgary Stampede ~ The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth!

cs cowboy up challenge 2014 - kateri cowley  craig cameron



Champion – Kateri Cowley, Exshaw, Alberta (Kokanee)

Reserve Champion – Lee Hart, Topeka, Kan. (Buster)

Calgary – Extreme cowboy racing isn’t just for boys. That was a point that Kateri Cowley, a former Stampede Princess, made very clear on Monday afternoon when she won the Cowboy Up Challenge over a field of top riding talent.

“This is literally a dream come true,” said Kateri, who has ridden in every Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge, a competition that began in 2010. “The top hands in the world come here and I’m so honoured to be among them – let alone be the champion!” Typically for an extreme cowboy racing competitor, she refused to take full credit for the result. “My horse is unbelievable. I’m so proud of him,” Kateri enthused.

cs cowboy up challenge 2014 - kateri cowley  kokanee

. ~ For Immediate Release ~

Extreme Cowboy Racing challenges riders and their mounts with a course complicated by a bewildering number of ingenious obstacles. It isn’t just a question of overcoming barriers, speed jumps, narrow bridges and water hazards – although this year’s course included
all of the above. The horses were required to gallop at top speed and then stop and stay steady enough for the rider to stand up in the saddle. Scoring well isn’t just a question of elapsed time. Penalties are assessed for mismanaged hazards and points are awarded for extra flourishes and showmanship. One highly-regarded rider actually had to stop and get his bearings, a delay that
cost him in the final standings.

“It was very tricky from start to finish,” said Cowley. “It was fast. It was hard. There was lots of memorizing, lots of going across and back and you had to add some style and flair in your own way.” After finishing first on Saturday evening and second on Sunday evening, Kateri was first in aggregate points. Monday’s final was sudden death, with no carryover of points, but her performance on the first two nights meant Cowley would ride last. cs cowboy up challenge 2014 - kateri cowley  kokanee 2
“One of the challenging things is getting straight in your head,” she said. “If you see somebody make a mistake, maybe you take that on yourself.” There can be advantages, too, she noted. The toughest obstacle on the course was a combination narrow bridge, teeter-totter and water hazard. Kateri noticed that everyone else approached it the same way and it didn’t work out. She went at it differently from everyone else, and her horse Kokanee negotiated it much more easily. “This sport makes you have to think,” she commented.

A momentary distraction came when one of the obstacles knocked off her hat. “I never lose my hat,” she laughed. “It’s a very cowgirl thing – you do not lose
your hat. We used to say that if your hat hit the ground, your head had better be in it. It really did throw me off for a moment. I’m never seen without my hat.”“It was so much fun,” Kateri said. “I’m still in shock. I wasn’t sure how it was going to play out – but I took the buckle!”source: Calgary Stampede

~ July 4th, 2014 ~

The Cowley's are pleased to announce their entry into the 2014 Calgary Stampede Parade resulted in two Winning Ribbons ~ "Best Horse Entry" & 2nd Place Overall !!

rafter six-gloria and stan cowley-calgary stampede parade 2014 winner best horse entry

Rafter Six's Historical Concord Stagecoach with with two Clydesdales highlighted the twelves horseback riders led by Rafter Six® owner and President Stan Cowley, his wife Gloria Cowley , sons David Cowley & Thomas Cowley, daughters and former 2009 Calgary Stampede Princess Kateri Cowley and Daisy Rae Cowley as well as Wranglers, Musicians & Friends.

rafter six-gloria cowley and david cowley-calgary stampede parade 2014 winner best horse entry

Gloria Cowley holding the reins of the historic 1800's Rafter Six Concord Stagecoach while her son David Cowley holds the 2014 Calgary Stampede "Best Horse Entry" Award.

~ For Immediate Release ~

rafter six-kateri cowley-calgary stampede parade 2014 winner best horse entry

2009 Calgary Stampede Princess Kateri Cowley sits atop her Canadian Mustang Horse "Kokanee".

Spry 78 year old Stan Cowley marked a milestone by participating in his 75th consecutive Calgary Stampede Parade horseback riding his horse Cruise, a feat even Hollywood star William Shatner didn't do whom rode in a classic 1950's automobile as the official parade Marshall of the 2014 Calgary Stampede Parade!

Longtime Calgary musician Gordie West paid tribute to Stan Cowley and Gloria Cowley of Rafter Six with an eloquent introduction followed up with a fabulous cover version of Gene Autry's song "Back In The Saddle Again" at the annual Stampede Breakfast held at Fort Calgary for parade participants!

The honoured and humbled Stan Cowley accepted the gracious words and passed praise on to his lovely wife Gloria and his family, David, Thomas, Kateri & Daisy Rae for their hard work and acknowledgement by the Stampede for these awards and achievements!




~ May 16, 2014 ~

Cowboy Logic: "When you get bucked off, you learn how to get up, dust yerself off and get back in the saddle!"

After a long and challenging winter, the Cowley's faith, hospitality & heritage are intact and "Back In The Saddle Again!"

The Cowley Family are pleased to announce that Rafter Six® is once again "Open" for Horseback Riding & Wilderness Camping in the Canadian Rockies!

The "New" Rafter Six® Horse Activities Center & Wilderness Camping will be located on our lands immediately adjacent to the original location.

The Cowley's World Famous Horseback Riding will resume with all of the variety of horses & horseback rides you have come to know, love and appreciate over the past 38 years!

The Horse Program will be much more "intimate and interactive" than ever before, including rides and equestrian training sessions by 2009 Calgary Stampede Princess alumni Kateri Cowley!

Horseback Rides ranging from pony rides for children, 1 hour rides, 1 ½ hour rides, 2 hour rides, ½ Day Rides, All Day Rides, Custom Rides, Supper Rides, Carriage and Hay Wagon Rides are all available by reservation.

~ For Immediate Release ~

Wilderness camping in the Canadian Rockies is also available for those with self-contained units, like RV's, travel trailers as there are no hookups for electricity or water.

Bordering Bow Valley Provincial Park, the campground will be random as there are no permanent camping sites giving it a feel of camping in the wilderness! A group fire pit is available for all to enjoy. Portable firepits and firewood are also available for campers.

Rafter Six® is an Alberta family run business, and the Cowley's have dedicated their entire lives, home, sweat and tears to the sharing and preserving Canada’s historical “Cowboy Western Lifestyle” with the world."

The Cowley’s have sincerely done their best to be good stewards while providing a unique, quality service with genuine hospitality to the world for the past 38 years..

Please continue to support the Cowley family by visiting the "New" Rafter Six® Horse Activties Center and Wilderness Camping in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.

God Bless and Happy Trails… Until we meet again.....




Welcome to the world of wide open spaces and friendly faces! Nestled at the base of the Canadian Rockies,about 40 minutes west of Calgary and 30 minutes east of Banff, Alberta is Rafter Six Ranch  ~ Where the West Stays Alive!David and Spencer Splash.2011

Rafter Six® offers a variety of activities and exciting adventures just waiting to be discovered! While here, you can enjoy guided horseback trail rides through the picturesque natural forest of Spruce and Douglas Fir alongside the wild rippling whitewater of the Kananaskis River in the beautiful Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country in the heart of the Canadian Rockies!

Other activities like hiking and walking or mountain biking amongst the numerous meadows, pastures, forested hills and trails of the adjacent Bow Valley Provincial Park.

Folks from around the world come for more than just all the fun things to do at Rafter Six® which also provides a unique wilderness camping area ideal for short stays in a motorhome or self contained RV or travel trailer.


motherfoalRafter Six® is also situated in a prime location for all of the other activities in the area like our World Famous Supper Ride on Horseback or Hay Wagon for some good ol' Western Style BBQ! We can also book other entertainment for your special event, family group camp or team building activities, as well as helicopter tours and whitewater rafting and so much more!

Thank you for visiting our website www.raftersix.com and whether you would like to visit for the day, night or week, we look forward to sharing our western hospitality with you!



Contact Us
Phone: 1-403-673-3622
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